Swami, You have been saying that we should work as God and not for God.

Why should we make this transition, when working for You gives us unparalleled joy?

Someone who knows God will become God and lose the feeling that God is a separate entity from him or herself. You constantly think that you are a man or a woman; that is how you feel and so that is how it is for you. I am telling you that you and I are one. This is something you have to experience, not just talk about.

How can you experience it? First and foremost, you have to develop selfless love and selfless service. Whose nature is selfless love? It is God’s nature. If you want God’s nature, God will grant you. You should become dear to God, then God’s nature will become yours. If you want to become dear to God, you have to serve everyone. If you want to serve God through every being, then you must also transform into God. You should yourself develop the love and joy of Sai, express and share it with others.

A magnet has the power of magnetism. Take an iron bar – it is not magnetic but, when placed near a magnet, because of the proximity, it too becomes a magnet and loses the memory of itself as a just a piece of iron. When it is transformed into a magnet, it can transform another iron bar into a magnet.

Your form should become My form. In a magnet, all the atoms are aligned – all of them constantly looking at God. In an iron bar, the atoms are facing different directions and that’s why there is confusion; there is no power. When all the atoms align in one direction, the iron also becomes magnet. Only when you become a magnet, can you render selfless service. For that reason, you should always be in the company of a magnet. When you move away from a magnet, you will gather rust and dust, and will lose your magnetism. The ‘magnetism’ of divinity is already there within you, it is not outside.

When you think that you are doing service to others, it is not real service. It will develop more ego and attachment; it will not reduce it. When you understand the true principle of love and engage in service activities, then it is true seva. Only when you are transformed into God, can you render true service!

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