Swami, you speak about the three floors: going from ‘I’ to ‘We’ and then ‘we’ to ‘He’.

As spiritual aspirants, how do we know what floor we are on, and do we really have to be vocal about it? Or can we just practice it within our own selves without disclosing it to others?

Empty vessels make the most noise. As the vessel fills up, the noise reduces. ‘I’ is the emptiest vessel, ‘we’ is halffull and ‘He’ is totally full. The more you grow, the less you speak. You tend to be silent. That is what you will experience. The tendency to talk about is what you are, what you do, or what you want to do – all that will reduce and silence will fill your heart. Peace and joy will prevail in your heart. Jesus first, others next and yourself last – that is ‘JOY’. When you practice that, there will not be any need to tell others because your heart will be full.

All the great sages and saints have spoken in the language of silence. Swami was the only one who spoke so much, because He had all kinds of devotees coming to Him; some needed words, and others needed silence. Once you develop more love in your heart, there can be less words and more action.

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