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Sai Swasthya Centre Opens in Kodaikanal to Provide Free Healthcare

Sai Swasthya Centre Opens in Kodaikanal to Provide Free Healthcare

Kodaikanal, February 17, 2024:

Sri Madhusudan Sai inaugurated the 15th Sai Swasthya Centre, marking the first such facility to open in Tamil Nadu. Nestled in Kodaikanal’s scenic surroundings, the centre will provide free primary healthcare services to improve access and promote well-being in the region.

In his speech, Sri Madhusudan Sai emphasised the mission of “One World, One Family,” conveying the concept that all people are connected and deserving of service. He explained that this guiding principle is behind the new healthcare initiatives in Kodaikanal and surrounding areas. He noted that in Muddenhalli, we have a 300-bed hospital in where patients from Kodaikanal can be referred for free treatment.

Last year, his organisation started a Gurukulam school in Kodaikanal. This year, they have added the Sai Swasthya Medical Centre. He also announced plans to build a 50-bed hospital in Batlagundu within two years, which will also serve the Kodaikanal region.

Sri Madhusudan Sai highlighted the importance of serving the Kodaikanal community, despite its small size. He expressed his vision to provide expanded medical facilities in Kodaikanal going forward, stating that a larger hospital will come in the future.

The new Sai Swasthya Centre marks the beginning of free primary healthcare for the area. Sri Madhusudan Sai aims to continue growing medical services with the goal of serving all people in need.