Sometimes it is difficult to work as a team.How are we meant to work, ideally, as a team?

In a team, ego shouldn’t be present. If it is present, then you cannot be a team. Get rid of your ego, so that everybody can work together. It is only when you think, ‘I am important,’ then there cannot be a team. Sometimes people listen, while sometimes they do not listen. Explain with love. Sometimes you scold but do that also with love, not ego. When ego comes, all unity goes—we must realise this. Accept others as your own, and explain with love. If they do not understand, explain again.

If your son does not understand, you are not going to leave him and say, ‘Go away!’ You would think, ‘You are my son. I have to correct you.’ All are ours. If you correct them with that feeling, things will happen. Think of those who forgave your faults with love, who supported you to overcome your shortcomings, so that you could become who you are today. Treat others also with the same attitude of love and concern.

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