How do we remove fear and anxiety?

Where there is faith, there is no fear. If there is fear, it means that there is no faith. When there is sunlight, there cannot be darkness; darkness is the absence of light. Fear is nothing but the absence of faith. If you develop faith, fear will automatically vanish. What do you fear? What will happen to you? What will happen to you in future? What will happen to your family? What will happen to your money? What will happen to your possessions? You have these fears, because you think that these belong to you.

The moment you think that these belong to God and it is God who has to look after them – be it your body, your family, your money, your relations, your properties, your business – everything belongs to God and it becomes God’s problem to look after them. The owner of a property has to pay taxes on it, has to protect the property; why should the custodian worry about it? If you consider yourself only a caretaker of God’s property, God will look after it.

Remind yourself every moment—are you the one who is able to make your lungs breathe, your heart beat or your food digest? Nothing is in your hands but, without these, you cannot function. When God is doing all these things, why do you not believe that God is the cause of everything else, too? Take everything as God’s gift; whether you like it or not, you must take it with joy. Remind yourself, all the time, that nothing belongs to you; at any moment, God can switch it off and the show will end. Be ready, always. The moment you become attached by feeling that ‘this is me’ or ‘this belongs to me’—that is when you suffer fear.

Have faith that everything belongs to God and He will look after it. If He chooses not to give you what you want, what can be done about it? How much ever you may try, you will not achieve it, if He does not want you to. Give it up! Give it to God! That is the only way there is. There is no other way of dispelling fear.

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