How do we develop the kind of unity which can unite the world?

Unity is not external, it is internal. Unity of thought, word and deed is true unity. Only when you have that kind of unity, do you achieve purity. Selfless love is purity and, eventually, you will attain divinity. Once you experience the divinity within yourself, you will see divinity everywhere. The lack of external unity is because there is no unity within you. When you achieve internal unity, you will also get external unity. The world is full of reflection, reaction, and resound. What you see in the world, is the reflection of what you feel and imagine. Therefore, you should say what you think; you should do what you say. You should think deeply before speaking. Conflict happens when you follow the mind. When you follow the heart, unity is very easy to attain. The mind, which is dependent on place, time and circumstances, keeps on changing.

The heart within you always tells you the same thing. The body is like a water bubble – do not follow the body; the mind is a mad monkey – do not follow the mind; follow the heart! As far as you possibly can, follow the heart, and then unity will develop within you. Because of fear, hatred, and jealousy, you are not able to unite thought, word, and deed. Why is someone not able to attain unity in a group, be it family or office or society? There are only two reasons – lack of humility and lack of courage. Only when you have both humility and courage can you attain unity. Thus, when internal unity is attained, external unity is but a natural consequence. When you develop unity within yourself, then you will also unite the world.

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