How do I get rid of my ego?

If you think you are the body and its master, and you have to look after it, and when you worry only about your own future—then the ‘I’ within you won’t go. Rather, if you think – ‘I have been put here as part of the Divine plan and everything that happens is also part of the Divine plan. When difficulties come, Swami will look after things, and when good times come, it is Swami’s gift’—thus, keeping your mind always thinking about Me and not on the circumstances, will help you get through difficulties.

As long as the mosquito coil is burning, mosquitoes will not enter. The moment the coil is finished, mosquitoes start entering. When you keep thinking of Me, evil can’t enter you; the moment you stop thinking of Me, evil creeps in.

In everything that you do – studying, house work, going to school, driving – if you do it for My love, it will prevent ego from entering you. When the sun rises, all the dewdrops disappear. Similarly, when you realise that God is inside you, all ego will disappear on its own.

Everything that you undertake, you should do it for the love of God. ‘Will Swami be happy with this? Will Swami be pleased? Will it take me nearer to Swami?’ Keep asking yourself such questions and do only that which brings you closer to Me, all the time. Then, there will not be any ego.

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