How can we be more connected with our inner spirit?

When you are in the world, a little bit of dirt will enter your mind. You come to Me, dressed in white, but when you walk on the road, dust and dirt will settle on your clothes. What do you do with your clothes? You go home and wash the clothes—clean with soap and water. Similarly, in order to keep yourself spiritually clean and pure, you must rely on love and service as the soap and water. You may not be able to live in that feeling all the time, as you will be engaged with your own responsibilities, your profession and other things.

Yet, once you finish your work and go home, in the same way that you wash your clothes, if you constantly chant the divine name and lovingly engage in service, you will be able to keep yourself pure. Do not ask Me for trivial things; ask only for My love. Whatever happens, wherever, whenever, ask only that. Once you recognize the destination, you will know how to get there, so fill your mind with nāmasmaraṇa (chanting God’s name) and engage yourself in loving action. With selfless love, you will always remain pure. Pray only for God and nothing else!

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