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Give and Forgive: Sri Madhusudan Sai’s Ramadan Message at Satsang in Istanbul

Give and Forgive: Sri Madhusudan Sai's Ramadan Message at Satsang in Istanbul

Istanbul, March 11, 2024:

On the auspicious first day of Ramadan, Sri Madhusudan Sai delivered an enlightening Satsang in Istanbul, Türkiye – the inaugural event of his European tour. Addressing the attendees at the sacred Prema Yoga Ashram, he shared insights on living a life of selfless service, unconditional love, and divine unity.

Extending warm Ramadan greetings, Sri Madhusudan Sai highlighted that the spirit of austerity, devotion and charity, practised during this holy month should be embraced year-round by all. “Every day should be lived as an offering to the divine,” he urged, emphasising that God accepts those who walk in his footsteps and follow his message throughout their lives.

Paying tribute to the late Kaya Günata, whose ardent devotion to Bhagavan Baba shaped his dream of establishing the ashram, Sri Madhusudan Sai praised its noble mission of service and compassion. He marked the inauguration of the new clinic to serve local villages as an important step towards the greater vision of building a free hospital on the premises. Addressing scepticism around this ambitious goal, he reminded all to proceed with unwavering faith, taking small yet steadfast steps rooted in the philosophy of “One World, One Family.” Esteemed medical professionals like Dr. Kalangos and Dr. Nataliya have pledged their support to help build and run this future hospital.

The crux of his discourse centred on ‘Prema Yoga’ – the union with God through pure, selfless love. Blending the paths of work, worship and wisdom, Prema Yoga teaches to “give and forgive” unconditionally. Just like the tongue forgives the teeth that bite it sometimes, when one realises the interconnectedness of all existence, forgiveness flows naturally.

Recounting his own journey of undertaking mammoth service projects through Bhagavan’s grace, he stressed that such projects are not accomplished “by” individuals but “through” them.  He instilled confidence that any selfless desire gets fulfilled when requested with surrender and obedience. The Prema Yoga Ashram, rooted in Türkiye’s sacred spiritual heritage, is destined to be a source of noble work that will benefit humanity, he affirmed.

He concluded by drawing parallels with the whirling dervishes’ meditative dance, urging the audience to become perfect instruments of the divine by surrendering the ego and individual mind. “Do it with complete surrender, pure love and become one with the divine in every action,” he implored.