Can You give us the correct definition for the word ‘Love’?

All that is selfless is love. Selfless thought is love, selfless speech is love and selfless acts constitute love. Another name for love is selflessness.

In fact, there is no other name for love. True love is always selfless and always seeks for others, not for itself. It finds joy in the joy of others and peace in the peace of others. Love is the fundamental basis of all values. It is that fertile ground in which all other values grow.

Love as thought is Truth
Love as action is Righteousness
Love as understanding is Peace
Love as feeling is Non-Violence

Everything is love; it contains everything within itself and is in everything. It is absolutely selfless. Everything else that is selfish is not love. Just as water is pure when there is no other contamination, love should be free from desire or expectation. Love itself is its own reward. Love lives by giving and forgiving. Love is complete by itself. The very act to love should be considered a blessing.

Follow what I say you, follow until you achieve, follow until you are perfect and truly reflect Me in yourself, until your presence feels like My presence. That is what I expect from My devotees, and it is for your own good. If you take care of your present, your future will also be taken care of

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